4 Steps to Spiritually Reset

I think it’s safe to say that we all encounter seasons where we are overwhelmed with anxiety, our life’s purpose seemingly withers away, and we find ourselves dwelling on mistakes that have been made in the past which causes our hearts to overflow with guilt and shame. Essentially, we become lost, running around aimlessly like mice in a never-ending labyrinth. Certainly, I can’t speak for everyone but as for myself these are the times when I begin to scramble, diving headfirst into my own ambition in an attempt to regain control of my life. I become my own therapist, thinking I can cure and overcome my weaknesses alone, I act as my own personal judge Judy working tirelessly to fix my problems, and sometimes I just give up. (Just throw the whole Alexcia away). Does any of this seem familiar? If so, keep reading.

I have come to the understanding that these seasons are not the end of us. It’s more of a transitional period that requires a little spiritual reset. Interestingly, God does this amazing thing where he nudges us to new beginnings however, as flawed human beings we tend to Ignore the signs because we fear change, the thought of doing something new or going places we have never been can be terrifying. We hide from God because we falsely accuse him of not loving us anymore because of our long or short hiatus’ apart from him where we don’t feel his presence. Unfortunately, it’s this exact thought process that increases the distance that we have placed between the Lord and ourselves. We allow ourselves to become distracted, taking our eyes and focus off of Jesus and we begin to sink into the abyss where there is no air, no solid ground, and light that once shined bright as the sun, becomes nothing more than a distant twinkle off in the night sky. What needs to be understood is that when we feel like this, God is not at fault. What has pulled our focus away from God or what unconfessed sin has caused us to turn and flee from grace rather than run toward it? Is it work, relationships, or possibly the phone in your pocket or purse that commands any free time you may have? Scrolling and watching everyone pretend their lives are all sunshine and rainbows, comparing ourselves to a picture or a video we saw of someone with something we desire? The house, marriage, or in my case the perfect body that I desperately want. As my good man King Solomon would say “Vanity of vanities, it’s all vanity”

1 Peter 5:10 (ESV) says “And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.”

Once we have been redeemed by the blood of Christ distraction and sin no longer has any power over the Child of God, the chains of bondage have been broken and even death is no longer relevant. However, the devil can still use distractions and temptation to make us less effective for the Kingdom of God. The aim is to make the believer think they are presently where they once were before believing in Christ. In a position of spiritual bankruptcy. The new life in Christ ensures his people that whatever their circumstance may be on earth either it be physically illness or infirmity, financial struggle, or even persecution, they are spiritually wealthy and will live with God for eternity where illness, poverty, pain and suffering have been done away with forever. Satan has no power over those who has placed their trust in the Lord Jesus, God is our refuge and sustainer therefore, all that needs to be done is to reestablish the focus, make the decision to rid life your life of distractions, flee temptation, quit living for self and begin living for him.

So now let’s get into how we can spiritually reset ourselves. It can be easily broken down into 4 steps (I tried extremely hard to coin a cliché name for these steps, but I failed miserably). Keep in mind this isn’t a one-time fix, as we grow and evolve into new seasons, we always want to keep these steps in mind to combat spiritual dehydration sooner than later.

Step 1: Reflect

This step will thrust you back into prayer or into more fervent prayers. You can gracefully come out of hiding and pour your heart out to God. Confess your sins, ask God to reveal the answers you have been searching for but in the wrong places. Don’t hold back because trust me He already knows what’s been hindering you. He just wants you to acknowledge your need for his assistance and verbalize it to him. Essentially, this will release the huge weight that has been on your shoulders.

Step 2: Revelation

This is where we wait for God’s voice. We wait for God to reveal what we have been asking for in our prayers. However, just because we are waiting for revelation does not mean we stop praying. Form a routine for yourself that incorporates time to pray, reading the word and also time to patiently listen. Those are the moments where he reveals the most unto us.

Step 3: Re-establish

Once you have received your confirmation from God it is now time to put in a little more work. You need to re-establish your focus on God and allow every action, thought, and word you choose to speak be centered around our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This will help alleviate any form of anxiety, depression, shame, etc. that you have been experiencing, allow the life you’re choosing to live for God to serve as a constant reminder that you are a child of the King. Anything that is given to you is from God, and anything that is taken away from you, God either willed or allowed to happen. In other words, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” (Isa 54:17) NKJV

Step 4: Reset

After you have successfully accomplished all 3 steps you are finally ready to walk in your purpose with your head held high. The devil, his lies and other negative attributes we have placed on ourselves may tilt our crown at times but because we have the power and spirit of God living within, our crowns will never fall and have been established in eternity. To whoever is reading this, you got this! Remember who you are.

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